About the activities of Eugènie

Eugènie was born in 1939 on Curaçao, an island in the Caribbean, part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. When she was 8 years old, (photo 1.) the family moved to Holland.
They lived in the wooded surroundings of the village Ede in the Eastern part of the country. There Eugènie had a marvellous, happy youth.

After finishing the secondary school she got a job in The Hague with SHELL. After a few years she moved to Baarn, working at Philips Record Industry.
In the meantime she had very interesting hobbies: acting, presenting radioprogrammes as an amateur; drawing; writing stories and poems.

Her great wish to work as professional at a radio station was fulfilled in 1963, when she started as allround presentator and journalist at De Wereldomroep, The Dutch World Service.

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In 1965 she became famous in The Netherlands as the first female journalist presenting the daily news on Dutch Television, as female anchor (photo 2.).

When she married and got children she had to stop with this exciting work. She then studied for speech-therapist and after that she started her own practice.
In the meantime she was asked to present some TV-shows and she also became ladyspeaker for renowned fashion-shows (photo 3.).

After her divorce, she started some years later with her second husband an office for PR, Promotion, Communication and Audio-visual concepts.
Alas 8 years later her husband died and so the office was closed. Since then she has her own business as: Eugènie Herlaar Presentations.

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She traveled a lot and she gives lectures with projection of her own photographs about these tours; she was travelguide for the six isles of the Dutch Caribbean for a touroperator. Next to that she presented concerts and other cultural programmes (photo 4.).

She does a lot of volunteerwork: as committee member of some cultural clubs and PR-work for different foundations.

And next to that all she is also painter and author of poems and stories. Therefore see the information at the chapter: Art & Stories.